Artist / Photographer

Taylor Yates

What is Taylor Yates? It's a brand born out of the Love of a mother for her daughter and the desire to create well made and beautiful products. With a broader vision to support and inspire daughters and women around the World.

First it's a Company that makes gorgeous thoughtfully designed luxury handbags. Second a foundation that supports and celebrates the identity of women around the world.

Those Great Women

Alice or Nana was a strong northern woman, who worked hard running a corner shop from her house and coach trips to Blackpool as a second earner. She never went anywhere without her handbag and lipstick.

Tilly was my Dad’s special name for my Mum, she was glamorous, fiercely loyal, kind and worked hard like her mother, Alice. She also loved her signature pink lipstick and her handbag.

Mary  had a great sense of humour, a raucous laugh. She was a regular character found shopping in the market every Saturday and had lots of fun with her elder sister Alice.

Doris lived next door and ran a hairdressers at the end of Alice’s garden. Salt of the earth friend and neighbour who spent Saturday mornings styling and chatting.

Auntie Mavis loved ‘making’, she was a creative woman who could do lovely things with a needle and thread.


Model: Alex Sawicka
Styling: Marie Claire Ferguson
Make-up: Nicole Mcevoy / Barely Cosmetics
Film: Journeyfor

Photographer: Gundega Roge
And of course Team Yates