Artist / Photographer




''The Hitchhiker '


I went along to join creative team and had that opportunity to shoot in relaxed manner as a second shooter.


Shot in the wilds of Donegal. Our handsome boy wants his beautiful girl to come with him to Bushmills. Her heart however belongs in Donegal. Epic scenery. Nod to Bushmills Irish Whiskey where Homage is being held in November.


Amazing team:


Art Direction: Lulu McGuiness

Styling and wardrobe : Cindy McKendry and Marie-Claire Millinery

Hair : Karen Harkin

Make up : Lisa CB and Rosie Pritchard

Models : Sarah Kennedy and Jake P Wøod Cmpr Models

Dress Amelia Ayewan ' The Green Venus' dress by Astrobohemia London

Jake : clothing by Young Savage Vintage Belfast