Artist / Photographer


My name is Gundega Ellena. Originally from Latvia, but since 2005 I have become a resident of the United Kingdom.

I guess normally we are expected to say something about ourselves and how we relate to the things we create and live in, but as much as I wish to create valuable story, I seem failing creating one. 

I have always been interested into metaphysical, astro-psychological and General life studies. I am alienated myself from norm by letting my mind and soul wonder thus finding my own ways of expression and sustain. In a way my approach to life has become my own personal experiment.

I would rather say that this is my very own self learning experience which guided me to become a self-taught photographer.

 My vision is directed purely by my individual metaphysical and esoterical studies and knowledge about Universe.

Photography reflect mutual congruence between a subject and a observer. And as an observer, I am influenced by perspective and reality I found myself into.

So I travel from reality to reality, from prism to prism adjusting perspective…





Photographer is like a poet who captures the novelty...
— Gundega Roge